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Mar 6, 2013
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But seriously, why would a native Philadelphian really recommend Pat's or Geno's? »


Insulting is how I’d describe this article by Freddy Sherman, a native Philadelphian who writes articles for Remember It was the jawn before Google came along and kicked its ass. Sherman wrote an article about the best places for a Philly cheesesteak, and predictably, it was awful.

Here’s why it was awful. First, I would change the title to “Best Places for a Cheesesteak in Philly.” No one in Philly calls it a Philly cheesesteak, why would they? It’s redundant to call it that if you’re already in the city itself. Second, Sherman lists the following places:

  • Pat’s King of Steaks (yawn)
  • Geno’s Steaks (gross, and used to be owned by racist and prejudiced asswipe)
  • Campo’s Deli (very good sandwich and people, but very overpriced)
  • Steaks on South (why go there with Ishkabibbles across the street?)
  • Tony Luke’s (good, but overrated and overhyped)

Come on, Freddy. I read this and I seriously had doubts you’ve ever been outside of Center City and Old City. You should know the best cheesesteaks are at places somewhat off the beaten path. Why have a Philadelphia native write this article at all, if Yahoo was just going to recommend places that a Philadelphia tourist would already likely know about or visit? Nothing about this article makes any sense. Fucking PAT’S and GENO’S? Really, dude?

Best steaks in my opinion: Chink’s, John’s Roast Pork, Steve’s, Sonny’s, Frusco’s, Dalessandro’s, Chubby’s…almost any place that’s not Pat’s or Geno’s. Maybe I’m being too harsh here, but I think most people with a brain…even people who aren’t native Philadelphians, but don’t buy into overrated tourist traps would agree that this list sucks.

PS. If you think the only proper way to order a cheesesteak is the whole “wit/witout” way, you sound stupid and need to stop. 


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    The best cheeseteaks I’ve had are always just outside of Philly…Pat’s and Geno’s are shitty tourist attractions that...
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    Thank you for this! I know someone whose from philly and likes to recommend Genos. The correct recommendation is...
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    I like Pat’s, but I kinda have to agree.
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    Best cheesesteak in Philly? Cosmi’s Deli. Hands down. Also try their fucking South Philly Italian hoagie and tell me...
  13. awkwardadventure said: Steve’s. Steve’s steaks are the best.
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  16. scottpatrick said: JIMS is the gold standard. Like STEVES, CHUBBYS and CHINKS. They are the standouts. Other less hyped neighborhood places make a good sandwich too. PAT & GENOS , for tourists only.
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    Chicken cheesesteak with provolone and onions from Ishkabibbles! Also, a side of sweet potato fries and maybe a Gremlin...
  20. streettypephilly said: If I want a cheesesteak on south st, I’m going to Jim’s. Fuck SOS. But you’re right ishkabibbles is good. Bill’s is good. It’s on the corner Sansom & Juniper (corner of side st. & side st.) I honestly am not too familiar with the cheese steak game